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July 04


New Solas VGM requirement for Australia

New Solas VGM requirement for Australia

Effective 1 July 2016, shipper of all export packed containers will be responsible for determining and declaring the verified gross mass (VGM) per container prior to collection and lodgment as a condition of loading aboard a vessel.

The shipper or person named on the bill of lading, is responsible for determining, documenting and submitting the VGM of a packed container to the contractual carrier. If a third-party is entrusted with weighing a container and submitting the data on the shipper’s behalf, the shipper still remains fully responsible (liable) for the accuracy of the VGM.

How do I calculate the VGM?

Shippers may use one of two methods to determine the VGM:

  • Method 1 - Weighing the fully loaded container after it has been packed.
  • Method 2 - Weighing the contents of the container, including cargo and any packing materials, and then adding that to the tare weight of the container printed on the door.

NOTE: Estimating weight is not permitted.

How should I submit the VGM to Control Global Logistics?

As the shipper, you will need to complete and submit your container VGM data to Control Global Logistics with a VGM Declaration form.

The VGM Declaration must be received prior collection of packed containers.


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