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September 11

Important Notice

Sydney Port - Schedule Disruption/Delays - Port Congestion Surcharge


Please find the latest updates directly from carriers around Sydney Port Congestion, Weather delays and continued Industrial Action.


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company announces that due to congestion in the port of Sydney, caused by industrial actions which are impacting Sydney’s terminals productivity, a Congestion Surcharge (CGS) will apply to maintain the service at the required level.

A Congestion Surcharge of USD 300 per TEU will be introduced with the following validity:

  • Import cargo: for vessel arrival on the 14 September and onward
  • Export cargo: from commercial date 14 September and onward
  • For Import cargo from U.S: from cargo possession on 8 October
  • For Export cargo to U.S.: from cargo possession on 8 October


ANL and CMA CGM announce a Port Congestion Surcharge also (both standard and reefer containers) will be introduced for all containers arriving/departing Sydney.

A Congestion Surcharge of USD 285 per TEU will be introduced with the following validity:

  • Export cargo for all vessels (non USA trades) departing Sydney on or after 17th September
  • Import cargo for all vessels (non USA trades) arriving Sydney on or after 17th September
  • Export cargo for all vessels (USA trades) departing Sydney on or after 10th October
  • Imports for all cargo received (USA trades) on or after 10th October

Terminal Situation – Sydney


  • Based on the outcome of a Protected Action Ballot Order (PABO) last week, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) can now undertake work bans and stoppages within 5 working days of notice provided to DPW.
  • At this time, however, the MUA have not tendered notice to DPW.
  • As such, no change where Protected Industrial Action (PIA) remains lifted for Fremantle, Brisbane and Melbourne, but where work restrictions still apply for Sydney, and berthing protocols continue until the PIA has been lifted.
  • Average delays in Sydney DPW now stand at 24 to 72 hours
  • Congestion due to the number of off-window vessels, impacting the berthing line-up.
  • Expected recovery now estimated by week 40, but remaining under close review.


  • Delays in Sydney now averaging between 12-14 days for the current week
  • The situation may unfortunately deteriorate further depending on the impact of PIA.
  • Patrick Terminal have released details of the Protected Action plans that were received on 3rd September that will see work stoppages of up to 24 hours on multiple days over the next 2 weeks across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Fremantle Patrick Terminals. Regret these work stoppages and those expected at other terminal operator locations will both disrupt schedule integrity in September and have a cascading impact into October due to the delays as vessels return back to Asia.

Ongoing industrial action at terminals around Australia has created severe disruptions to shipping lines schedule integrity. The delays experienced around the Australian coast over the past month has impacted all shipping lines vessel schedules upon their return back to Asia. Subsequently this has & will cause further delays and congestion on most services departing Asia for Australia in September. Carriers will continue to use change of port rotation options around the Australian coast on their services in order to minimize delays.

Carriers will temporarily restrict bookings to Sydney on AAUS Northern Loop product (NE Asia to Australia) until 15th October 2020.

We will continue to keep you updated with any further developments.