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Control Global Logistics

February 26

Important Notice

Shortages of Equipment  - Schedule Disruption/Delays

We are still seeing shortages of equipment and space issues throughout NZ, USA, Europe, and Asia (Especially Los Angeles, UK, Germany, Turkey, Thailand & Japan, with the current wait on bookings around 1 month)
To add, Germany & mid-west USA are also experiencing bad weather/heavy snow which in turn is causing delays on truck/rail services.

With most transhipment ports in Asia (eg: Singapore/Port Klang) we are seeing heavy delays in connecting vessels into Australia with containers being rolled regularly.
As this is an industry-wide issue with many ports around the World affected, we seek your understanding as we work relentlessly to meet your shipping needs.

Please give plenty of notice for all new bookings as pre-booking space in advance is vital

Wharf increase to Timeslots/De-Hire/Infrastructure Levies

Increase to timeslot/infrastructure levy for FCL Imports/Exports

  • Sydney: $275 per container
  • Melbourne: $275 per container
  • Brisbane: $275 per container
  • Fremantle: $200 per container
  • Adelaide: $200 per container

Sideloader Levy Increase

Increase to Sydney Sideloader levy for FCL Import/Exports that utilise a sideloader trucks for transport

Brisbane has also introduced this same levy

  • Sydney Sideloader Levy: $95 per container
  • Brisbane Sideloader Levy: $85 per container
Weight Adjustment Fee

The terminals have introduced a new charge, a Weight Adjustment Fee, for import containers which are discovered to have a weight outside a variance of +/- 1 tonne from the declared weight.

The Weight Adjustment Fee will be charged at $295 per container

International Terminal Fee

Airlines have announced an increase to their International Terminal Fee (ITF)

New cost: $0.65/kg or minimum $95