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Control Global Logistics

Customs Compliance

Control Global Logistics have a large and experienced team of licensed Customs Brokers who can provide a personalised service catering specifically to your Customs and compliance needs.


Brokerage Service

Our Brokerage systems have been developed to provide innovative, customised and strategic processes which support global products with local requirements. Our in-house, licensed specialists offer strict compliance with statutory regulations, strong and valuable data advice, and reliable release timings to minimise risks and costs.


Our experienced and expert teams will assist you to manage your programme to the extent permitted by law and:

  • Meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Classification and valuation services
  • Enhance your Customs Compliance programmes including 
    free trade and tariff concessions agreements
  • Ensure minimisation of risks and costs of non-compliance, 
    now and in the future
  • File import, export and security declarations electronically
  • Automated customs clearance
  • Customs bond underwriting


The Control Global Logistics Brokerage Services are fully integrated with our global Ocean Freight or Air Freight. For information on how we can help with your Customs and Compliance please contact us and our experienced team will be happy to help you.