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Control Global Logistics

Supply Chain Solutions

Control Global Logistics' services are designed to support every aspect of your Supply Chain management. We can provide support for every process involved in sourcing, procuring, executing and controlling logistics activities within an end-to-end Supply Chain system. Our objective is to create sustainable value across your entire Supply Chain, and build a competitive infrastructure for all your Supply Chain partners.


Planning Phase

Within any Supply Chain solution, analysis and planning comes first and foremost. Our teams will analyse your current logistics processes, including the flow of shipments and stock levels to identify your current pain-points and logistical requirements.


Project Phase

The second phase we undertake is the project phase, in which we create and identify solutions, processes, key services, customisations and actions required to address all your requirements.


Execution and Monitoring Phase

Finally, our teams will execute your customised Supply Chain solutions, undertake on-going monitoring and implement proactive initiatives to continually sustain the highest, optimised solution levels.


To find out how we can optimise your Supply Chain and save your business money, contact us today to discuss the options available to you.