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Control Global Logistics

September 20


Ocean Freight 

Imports to Australia:

General Rate Increase (GRI)

Ocean Carriers operating from South East Asia to Australia have announced a GRI of USD250.00/20’ and USD500.00/40’ effective 01 October 2013.

Ocean Carriers operating from North East Asia to Australia have announced a GRI of USD500.00/20’ and USD1000.00 effective 20 September 2013.

Even though Ocean Carriers have made these announcements, we will be closely monitoring the situation and ONLY on-charging whatever increases are implemented by them.




Chinese National Holiday

Please be advised that China will be on Holidays from 01 October to 10 October. Our offices in China will have skeleton staff working during this time.

Reminder of Client requirements in shipping Dangerous Goods (DG)

A timely reminder of your responsibility regarding the transportation of DG cargo from the Port Botany facility onto NSW roads.

Document information required includes but not limited to the following to be provided to the Transport companies when transporting DG:

  • United Nations number (UN number);
  • The proper shipping name, or the name of the goods 
    which appears on the packaging or receptacle;
  • Dangerous Goods class or division;
  • Subsidiary risk (if applicable);
  • Packing group (if applicable);
  • A description and number of each receptacle e.g. 'drum' 
    or 'intermediate bulk container' (IBC);
  • The 'aggregate quantity' of the goods. This is the total quantity in 
    litres and/or kilograms of each separate type of dangerous good being transported;
  • Name and contact number of the consignor or consignee.

MO41 documentation from the Ocean Carriers has all required information. Transport operators are encouraged to obtain this document to help streamline the checking process.