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April 07


Department of Agriculture & Water Resource (DAWR) – Important Changes to Packing Declarations

As referenced in NNF 2016/060 key changes affecting Broker Approved Arrangements we would like to bring to your attention a key change that will affect “Prohibited packaging material statement” since the implementation of the Biosecurity Act 2015, which places restriction on the use of the term ‘prohibited’ in relations to packing material.

‘Prohibited packaging material statement’ as required by the Non commodity information requirements policy has been replaced by the ‘unacceptable packaging statement’.

Department of DAWR has received legal advice that the ‘unacceptable packaging statement’ must only be used under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

These new declarations must be in place by June 10 for all shipments arriving by sea freight or there will be delays in clearance of sea freight cargo. DAWR WILL NOT accept the old Packing Declaration after the 16th of June & shipments will require Unpack Inspection at the Importers cost.

To download the new Packing Declaration templates please Click Here.